BGR De Jager Boshoff evolved from a well established audit firm since 1952, and has throughout the years maintained a reputation of building relationships with our clients and business partners that last.

We have differentiated ourselves in the market by offering service excellence with the experience and expertise that you would expect from any big firm, while pursuing a personal approach in order to create a long term business relationship. We recognize that what happens in your business affects every other decision you make, from proper estate planning and drawing up your will, to making strategic business decisions and ultimately creating personal wealth. We support business owners and participants across all types of industries who want to act responsibly, expecting the best. We do not compromise on quality.

Offering a total integrated service, BGR De Jager Boshoff is your specialist partner in audit, tax and related services.


The BGR Association enables a number of small and medium-sized Boland auditing firms to share best practices and training by consolidating their knowledge and capacity to perform more audits. In operation since 2004, the BGR brand has established itself to convey quality, experience and knowledge of the highest standard at an affordable price.

Over the years the BGR associate offices’ service areas have expanded from primary audit services to a full suite of business solutions. The combined customer base extends nationwide and covers all industries and sectors. It is BGR’s focus to ensure specialist knowledge in each service area to address each client’s unique needs.

In recent years BGR De Jager Boshoff has collaborated with our related firm, Unik Professional Services to offer our clients a one stop shop for financial services.